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I offer freelance professional creative digital marketing support. Experienced in creative digital solutions since 2009. I worked with 3 companies as their full time head of digital marketing (including administration) and I managed many private client projects from website design, management, video adverts/ courses, blogging, producing promotional design materials (flyers, posters, CDs, business cards, catalogues), videography, photography and social media campaigning.

  In 2019 I took a leap into the world of freelancing and now offer small businesses and professionals affordable rates  for their online creative marketing. Helping them set up websites, social platforms, create branding  image, create engaging content and strategise. I particularly like to help small businesses go digital for the first time or take their current presence to the next level. I offer great value and am passionate about client care and working with individuals and companies with a high moral code, ethics and values. Drop me an email for a consultation.

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A & D Knight Properties 
Adrian Freedman
Carrie Tree Music
Sacred Sound Festival
Wider Horizons Events
Dr Hannah Jewels
Davel Patel - AuraBreath​
Jenny Lynne Sessions aka Jen-ix
Hushee (Samina Kauser)
Heart Of The Rose Festival
Padswood Farm
Dodyt Winarta Bali Tours
Tallulah Rendall
Ravi Freeman​
Shivani Maria
Sunny Davidson
Karuna Essentials
Happy Chimney Sweep
Sakura Energy Healing
Maya Love
Wild About Spanish
Bright Star Audio
The Speak
Zelia Pye
Shamanic Trance Dance
Blue Echoes
Economy of Brighton
Staff Now LTD

Liz Cook Charts
Badger Book Company
Centre Peace Massage
Franco's Osteria - Hove
Elizabeth Mary Connor - Paeon Frequencies
Skills / Programs
  • Premiere Pro video editing

  • WIX website creation

  • Wordpress website updates

  • Indesign (printed media designs; flyers, CDs, business cards, books)

  • Photoshop design

  • Illustrator design

  • Full Adobe Suite Access

  • Mailchimp mailouts & mailing subscriptions

  • Social Media campaigns, content & platform set ups (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify)

  • Music Release platform set ups (from copyright to global release day)

  • Microsoft (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)

  • Adobe PDFs

  • Bespoke online platform & program tutorials

  • Consultation sessions for online marketing planning

  • Hootsuite social media management

  • Providing free and paid resources through consultation sessions

  • Online content creation

  • Branding; logo/icon designs, etc

  • Logic Pro audio editing 


  • SEO

  • And more!

  • English

  • Modern Greek

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